The world’s first browser extension to access the Liquid Network

Marina Browser Extension mockup

We are thrilled to announce one of our most exciting ventures to date — Marina. Marina is the ultimate gateway designed to access the Liquid Network directly from your browser.

Liquid is a sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges, enabling faster, more confidential Bitcoin transactions and issuance of digital assets.

Over the past months, the Liquid ecosystem has been rapidly growing with several exchanges that are now supporting the network and an increasing number of financial services such as peer-to-peer lending and non-custodial atomic swaps.

Marina is a browser…

Today, we’re announcing Liquid Coach, a browser-based tool for Liquid developers and advanced users for doing operations like checking the balance of an address, creating and importing a PSET (Partial Signed Elements Transaction) or even sign it, all from their browser.


  • Load a blech32 confidential and bech32 unconfidential native segwit address
  • Load an unconfidential wrapped segwit and legacy (confidential support coming soon!)
  • Generate a mnemonic and derive an unconfidential native segwit address
  • Select a custom Liquid explorer
  • Provide an hex-encoded blinding key (if blech32 address) to unblind your utxos and watch the balance of your Liquid assets.
  • L-BTC Faucet and…

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Today, we’re announcing Vulpem Notary, a blockchain-based notary service specifically tailored for enterprise workflows and distributed architectures.

We have created an abstraction layer that we offer as a cloud service, which helps database operators to create an indisputable chain of events that happened in the private infrastructure, without leaking any sensible information.

In this way, any observer can easily audit and verify any possible malicious attempt of tampering, both from an external attacker or an inside job and be able to demonstrate it ex-post.

This allows to cryptographically prove to other parties (eg. …

Today we announce a new tool for Bitcoin developers: Bitcoin 🍣 Nigiri

A typical Bitcoin Nigiri


Bitcoin Nigiri is a cross-platform command line tool that allows to quickly fire up a personal regtest Bitcoin blockchain along with a Liquid sidechain, Electrum explorer and other special developer tools.
You can run tests and execute commands locally for development or in a continuous integration pipeline.

At the moment Docker and Compose are used under the hood to ensure a reproducible installation. Bare metal installations for major platforms are coming.

Get started

  • Download and install nigiri command line interface
$ curl | bash
  • Launch Docker daemon (Mac OSX)

How an organization can securely manage funds having an extra-layer of security before sending any satoshi, due to multiple cosigners

This walk-through is intended to be for a distributed team/organization that needs to setup and use a multi-signature remotely.
Our fictionary company, Hodl Inc, with 100 bitcoin to store in a multisig, the execs Alice the CFO, Bob the CEO and Charlie the CTO are going to be the cosigners.


1. Provisioning

The first step to get started is to collect all the public keys of the…

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