Today, we’re announcing Liquid Coach, a browser-based tool for Liquid developers and advanced users for doing operations like checking the balance of an address, creating and importing a PSET (Partial Signed Elements Transaction) or even sign it, all from their browser.


  • Load an unconfidential wrapped segwit and legacy (confidential support coming soon!)
  • Generate a mnemonic and derive an unconfidential native segwit address
  • Select a custom Liquid explorer
  • Provide an hex-encoded blinding key (if blech32 address) to unblind your utxos and watch the balance of your Liquid assets.
  • L-BTC Faucet and Asset Mint on Regtest
  • Create an unconfidential PSET with full control over inputs and outputs
  • Add the Explicit Fee output
  • Encode the PSET to base64
  • Import base64 encoded unconfidential PSET and inspect and add inputs/outputs
  • Sign with mnemonic or WIF


It uses a block explorer to connects and source blockchain data, it uses for mainnet and an hosted instance of the regtest box Nigiri (tl;dr it adds on top of Blockstream Electrs a /faucet and /mint endpoint useful for regtest development along with automatic block mining)

You can use a local Nigiri as explorer, just select the Explorer button in the top-right of the page.


There are few limitations, may or may not be fixed in the following iterations:

  • You cannot load multiple addresses, just a single one.
  • You can load a blech32 address and unblind the unspents, but you cannot create and sign a transaction with it. Cooperative blinding is kind of impossible with the current PSET spec.
  • When you generate an address by default is unconfidential, so you can create and sign a transaction end to end.
  • The generated mnemonic always uses the m/84'/0'/0'/0 derivation path

For any issue that may arise please open a ticket in the Github repository.

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