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3 min readDec 18, 2020

The world’s first browser extension to access the Liquid Network

Marina Browser Extension mockup

We are thrilled to announce one of our most exciting ventures to date — Marina. Marina is the ultimate gateway designed to access the Liquid Network directly from your browser.

Liquid is a sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges, enabling faster, more confidential Bitcoin transactions and issuance of digital assets.

Over the past months, the Liquid ecosystem has been rapidly growing with several exchanges that are now supporting the network and an increasing number of financial services such as peer-to-peer lending and non-custodial atomic swaps.

Marina is a browser extension designed to streamline access to Liquid and foster an even greater adoption of the network. It enables users to easily send and receive Liquid assets such as Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) and Tether USDt. Web developers can benefit from Marina integration as a plug-and-play solution to integrate Liquid Network into their browser applications.

Use Cases

Thanks to Marina, exchanges like SideShiftAI and Liquiditi.io can now automatically fill the address fields and trigger the user to review and confirm transactions to make trades. Furthermore, interactions between Marina and non-custodial exchange protocols such as TDex can enable users to benefit from non-custodial atomic swaps directly from their own browser.


  • Generate an HD wallet with blinding keys
  • Restore from mnemonic seed
  • Receive and send any Liquid asset
  • Connect your browser to the Liquid Network
  • Share specific addresses only with websites you trust
  • Auto-fill transactions and popup confirmation for signature
  • Pay transactions fees with Tether USDt

Send USDt without owning LBTC

We have integrated Liquid.Taxi, our Liquid fee top-up service, directly into Marina. Thanks to this integration, It will now be possible to move around your Liquid assets without having to spend L-BTC for transaction fees. Instead, fees can be paid directly with Tether USDt.

“Marina is an exciting development in the Liquid ecosystem. Not only can you receive and send payments in Liquid-based assets directly from your browser, but your transaction fees can be paid in Liquid Tether, too! The Liquid network has just become a lot easier to use!” — Yuri de Gaia, Partner at Bitcoin Reserve

Developers can integrate Liquid in their browser app

Web developers who want to integrate Liquid Network can rely on the injected APIs offered by the Marina Web Provider to automatically fill inputs with Liquid addresses or to prompt a confirmation to make transactions.

Download Marina Wallet from Chrome Web Store

The extension is available in the Chrome Web Store and soon as Firefox Add-on.
The code is open-source and available here.



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